Friday, December 23, 2011

Old Folks Home

Dad fell off the ladder
Hanging the lights
Now in a body cast
It’s quite a sight
Mom sprained her ankle
Dragging the tree in the door
And they wonder why
No one will hire them anymore

Us kids are doing great
Our careers blossom
One moved away
Other’s getting married
To be young and vibrant
Is pretty awesome
So around here that’s the deal
Dad can’t write till he is healed

Sits in his chair
A grizzled grump
Mom has an ankle
With a big old lump
Don’t know who
Half of you are
And we really don’t care
Dad told us to send this
From his wheelchair


  1. Where is the damn "Like" button on here!! Too tired to comment......just want to hit "LIKE"!!
    Or how about "LOVE"!!!!

  2. People actually called the house to see if I was okay. Of course, I was too grumpy and gimpy to answer the phone.

  3. Funny! I hope 2012 brings the best to you each morning!

  4. HAHA! Enjoying all your poetry below too!