Saturday, December 3, 2011

Christmas Evolution

Our children used to wake us up
When Christmas morn arrived
Teen years, defibrillator required
To confirm they were still alive

Baby birds fly the coop
Father Time takes his toll
Life’s circle completes another loop
An empty nest before you know

Destined to wait by the phone
And checking our email
The misses and I sit here all alone
Just one more look
At the old Santa photo book
Memories prevail


  1. When they fly the nest as they should, you make new memories. Sweet poem Mr Nightwriter.

  2. :(


    Heavy heart?

    Here's a hug.


    Great poem.

  3. Nice one, is this new? Definitely a new phase of your family's lives now.

  4. I wrote this in 2004, the first time my kid moved out. I expect them all to be here Christmas this year.