Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Cherish The Moments

A smile from a stranger

You will never see again

A hug and a kiss

From a dear old friend

A generous donation

To someone else’s next of kin

That favorite decoration

You’ve hung since way back when


Cards, notes and photos of sweet faces

From all sorts of different places

Watching unexpecting eyes

Unwrap that special surprise

A quick trip to an oasis paradise


Full bellies rumble the walls with laughter

A day nobody declares the house a disaster

A little love, a little thought

Homemade gifts, not store bought

A letter or phone call from far away

Family together Christmas Day

These are the cherished moments

That won't ever be forgot


  1. Another great poem. Thanks for sharing. Every day should be like this shouldn't it???

  2. That sounds absolutely lovely. I want to come to your house for Christmas!

  3. So sweet. The very essence of what Christmas is meant to be! Takes me back to the "Christmasy feelings" I had as a kid.

  4. You will have a books worth of these lovely holiday poems if you don't watch out.

  5. Uta, seems to be a struggle for one day to be like this. Nacher, there's enough of everything for everybody who shows up at my house, so please join me. Robin, glad I gave you that "kid" feeling again. Jan, I nearly have an advent calendar of holiday poems.

  6. Very nice....what Christmas is truly about.