Sunday, June 10, 2012

Boy With No Name

There was boy
Who had no name
His parents forgot
And it was a shame

Teacher took attendance
Each day at school
Raised his hand
With each name called
Like a fool
Just wanted a name
Like me and you

He didn’t need three
Or even two
Just one, just one
Just one would do

Like an ant
He roamed aimlessly
Give me your name
He asked desperately
No, no I can’t
He heard repeatedly

Until one day
He met a girl
Who made his head twirl
When she did say
If I can have yours
So he married her
Of course

They went to the bank
To open an account
Teller said fill this form out
Name, address
And deposit amount
Mr. And Mrs.
Oak and a sumly sum
The wrote in
And they were all done

This isn’t enough
Information for me
I need a name in my system
Don’t you see?
 And Mrs. spoke up
I used to be

Priscilla Sue
Angela Marie
But my mama
Called  me Beverly
When my daddy put me
Down to bed at night
He said sweet dreams
Penelope delight

But I married this man
Understand if you can
He is Mr. and I am his Mrs.
So we shall take
Our sumly sum
And put it under the mattress

They walked home
Along the crooked path
Climbed up the tree
Where they took a bath
Bank full of fools
With all their rules
They laughed

Started a family
Babies galore
Named each one ten times
Sometimes more
They didn’t forget
Like his parents did
When he was a kid

Without a name
Is not fun
People treat you like
You are no one

Friday, June 1, 2012


There was a curious man
Who lived in a strange land
It snowed when Santa came
Except when it rained

He had a friend  who said ‘read this book’
And he decided to take a look
But, he got a job to knock on doors
Counting people till there were no more

He had another friend with Rapunzel long hair
Love of music in common they shared
With llamas and dogs,  she lived in the forest
Her gentle kindness was far from the poorest

She told curious man one day
About a book she might study
Along with internet buddies
And he shouted in excitement ‘hey
I have that book
Collecting dust on my nook’

Curious man was jealous of her
He wanted to too, that much was sure
So she asked the fearless leader
If he could belong
But the tribe was all women
His gender was wrong
They voted as a group
And invited him along
He hollered and hooped

Learning he’d been given a chance
He couldn’t help, but do a silly dance
Every week he did his homework
Tried so hard not to be a jerk
There was something about his words
A little crazy, definitely absurd

There was an adventurous one in the clan
Who dreamt out loud ‘yes I can
Meet these artists in a strange land’
She believed it and opened her eyes
And sold paintings galore to her surprise
So she bought a plane ticket to fly
Far away to meet these women and one guy

They talk so funny
Drive on the wrong side of the street
And the birds sound different
The way that they tweet
Indeed, a very strange place
Chance of a lifetime
To meet face-to-face

So off she’ll go to who knows who
To a land with no kangaroos
But on the other end
Everyone is excited to meet her too
She’ll make lots of new best friends

She’ll return one day in September
A trip she’ll always remember
All because out loud she dreamed
They are attainable that way it seems