Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Positive Kind

Another spin around the sun, a new year has begun.  Reflection and introspection seem to permeate as we recycle calendars.  Resolutions made and then broken.  A new concept was introduced to me in 2011 as an alternative, a simple word for the year ahead.  I liked the idea, but had no intention to choose one for myself.  I let it go, but I free write every morning to purge my skull so I can start fresh for the new day.  All of a  sudden a word chose me.  Funny how the subconscious takes over. 
You must plant a seed for it to grow.  Mine were planted unknowingly when I joined an online book blog in September.  The synchronicity of how I was invited is stranger than fiction, but the Universe meant for me to be there.  We studied a book on how to discover or recover one’s creative self.  I love to write and want to get better at it.  Seven women and me dissected a chapter a week.  I was transforming and the encouragement, kindness and open honesty, in what we call the tribe, became a safe haven to even share my words.  I have been remiss in posting here because I am engrossed in writing a novel. 
My tribe is beginning the second book of the series next week and I am anxious to study and find additional guidance with them again.   Yes, the seeds were planted and I am looking forward to sprouting this year.  My focus and word for 2012 is change, the positive kind.