Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A Force of Good

Tough times, struggles many
Others worse off than you
Count your blessings, there are plenty
Strap on your boots buckaroo
Do what you should
Remain a force of good

The place to begin is within
Appreciate the beauty of your soul
A smile, a touch, kind words
Will do more than you know
Universally understood
Remain a force of good

Listen to your dreams
Spark another’s spirit embers
Your warm love beams
Best way to be remembered
Know you did all you could
Remain a force of good


  1. This is it!!! This is my favourite. I am stealing it. Its going up on my studio wall. Fabulous Mr Nightwriter, really fabulous :)

  2. a force of good. That is a catchy phrase and well worth remembering and living by. This is one of your best.