Thursday, May 17, 2012

Here's The Poop

Ever want to believe something, but you knew deep down it couldn't be?  A writing job fell out of the sky into my lap last week and I wanted to believe.  I applied and was asked to write a test article on irritable bowel syndrome using three key phrases highlighted in red.  Wasn't really taking it too seriously as you'll see below.  I got hired!  Found out the next day the whole deal was bogus.  If you find this article on the web, you'll know I was the author.

Accused of being full of it figuratively is one thing, but literally having ibs-c symptoms is no laughing matter.  Irritable bowel syndrome, left untreated, can lead to death.  Symptoms include stomach cramps, bloating and gas due to constipation, irritability, fatigue, headaches and even depression.  The human body is not meant to store its waste and when one has ibs with constipation symptoms, the result is lack of, infrequent or incomplete discharge. 

The cause of this disorder is unknown.  There are theories there may be an unidentified infection in the digestive track.  Other studies point to hormonal changes as ibs symptoms women are more commonly diagnosed.  It increases bitchiness and decreases sexual desire in women.  Of course, unscientific research indicates men are susceptible to this disorder, especially those who partake in the consumption of liquor.    

Irritable bowel syndrome is a multi-billion dollar industry annually.  One treatment is diet control, limiting lactose and fructose, while increasing fiber intake.  This helps some with metabolism difficulties, but not all.  Another treatment of ibs-c symptoms is medication including laxatives, stool softeners, anti-depressants and magnesium aluminum silicates.  Again, loosening of excrement in the intestines relieves some who suffer.  It fails others who begin to spend all their focus and energy on successfully expelling.  When they fail, they become even more obsessed with their problem, resulting in depression.  Big pharma has magic pills for that, as do mental health professionals with psychotherapy.  It does not treat the unknown cause of the illness, just another symptom of it.  Other treatments include exercise, acupuncture and naturopathy in attempts to reduce stress and improve sleep.  

It is estimated twenty percent of the America population suffer from ibs with constipation symptoms, many undiagnosed.  We all have difficulty sometimes with indigestion and  constipation.  It often appears prior to reaching thirty-five years of age and can control one’s life, even making them incapable of employment.  It is no fun and such a relief to discharge our excrement.

The colon plays a large part in successful bowel movements.  It is approximately five feet long, connecting the small intestine to the rectum and anus. It is recommended that old farts at fifty years old begin having regular colonoscopies.  So much for just a finger up your anus to check prostrate health for men.  It is an invasive procedure and they take pictures while you are sedated.  It should be called endoscopy.       

So the next time it hits the fan, you choose to shoot it, run your diarrhea mouth off, take one or accuse someone of being full of it, have some compassion for those who actually suffer from this debilitating disability.  It is chronic and uncomfortable and verbal comments only contribute to the need for further therapy and medications for those who suffer from it.  Making fun of the constipated is simply crude, rude and unacceptable behavior.  It’s about time people grew up and accepted irritable bowel syndrome as a serious condition and felt comfortable discussing it.  Do the world a favor and show some compassion for the people who can’t  give one.