Monday, December 5, 2011

Childhood Christmas Memories

Before my bedtime Christmas Eve
Santa came to my front door
With brand new running shoes for me
That night in bed I wore

Rumors on the playground
That he doesn’t really exist
But I had seen him two years before
Those rumors I dismissed

Went shopping with Mom one cold December
The things she put in her cart that day
Were under the tree from Santa for my brother
So much for reindeer and sleigh

The torch was passed to my sister
To wake us all up at 4 AM
Cookies, milk and carrots
Were all gone once again
One year she couldn’t wake us up
So she opened all her gifts alone
Living room destroyed by a wrapping paper cyclone

Wonder what my children will remember
Cinnamon roll from Nana
Christmas poems from Santa
Can only hope it’s the glowing ember
Of love that rises up in December


  1. I am really enjoying all your old Christmas poems!! I'm sure your kids will remember the love! Not just in December but the rest of the year as well!
    Can't wait to see this years poem.

  2. I was just wondering that myself this week. I wonder what my kids will remember. I have the same hope as you. Beautiful.

  3. Aw cute poem, but Santa is real right?

  4. Glad you are enjoying my holiday poems because I am only about half done. And yes, Santa is real.