Saturday, December 17, 2011

Gift Giving

What did you give last year
What did you get
The junk we gift and collect
What is real
We seem to neglect

Indulge and consume big business screams
We know best what you should dream
Homes are lost, the jobs are gone
We’ll control the vote, just shop at dawn
Fill our tills you foolish pawns

I used to participate
But I don’t go there anymore
What’s important
Can’t be found in a store


  1. Well said. Most of the spirit has been over run by advertising but we can get it back if we try. Baby steps.

  2. Fair dinkum, thats bonza mate ;)

  3. Wow...that is so goodm, real and to the point...great!

  4. Funny thing. When you're "out there" shopping for a gift or two, you can tell that's not where the Christmas spirit lies. Have you noticed how miserable everyone is? Pressured for time. Short on cash. Angry at the wheel, grabby in the aisles. Ugh! I dislike Christmas shopping very much and I only do a wee bit. I like to be that annoying someone that stands in line with a big smile saying, "Isn't it a gorgeous day? Happy Holidays to you!" It's so fun to be uber chipper in stores this time of year. And when it's reciprocated, it's that much better!