Thursday, December 15, 2011


Can’t help but imaginate
What good could be done
The world we should create
If every day we would celebrate
Instead of just one

Believed in the magic
Of kindness, love and cheer
Nightly news void of tragic
All through the year

War sat on the bookshelf
Hate collected dust
Learned to really love our self
Cared for each other
With dignity and trust

Took just what we needed
Gave all that we had
And chose to propagate
A world full of glad

Reflect upon this holiday
And how it makes you feel
Retain it all year long
Replace imaginate with real


  1. Beautiful!! I LOVE the image of war sitting on the bookshelf and hate collecting dust!! Just when I think I have found my favorite among your Christmas poems you come up with another gem!! See....I knew you had MORE up your sleeve!

  2. What a great poem. You're like a word magician! Love the last line. Perfect finish.

    "Took just what we needed
    Gave all that we had"

    That right there is the answer to it all.

  3. yeah. We need to spread these thoughts, words, images around. Let them go viral! Just imaginate the possibilities!

  4. Thanks everyone. Shared this on my FB wall a couple years ago and got zero response. Just re-posted it there, so if you want to share it with others, feel free.

  5. I like all of it but the part that Nachre shared of her favorite part is a strong one with me...May I add that on my blog..that sentence..?

  6. Laura, you may use any or all of the poem on your blog. I am honored you find it worthy of sharing.