Thursday, March 28, 2013

On The Verge

Goodness, I haven't visited blog land in a month.  So much happening so quickly.  Draft three turned into four and then five.  It all came down to one sentence and, as of yesterday, my manuscript is complete.  Over three years ago, I wrote a short story and it morphed into a novel that I shall publish and share with the world very soon.  I fear to predict a date because I walked blindly into editing and roadblocks cluttered my path.  But I put in the work and eradicated all my editor's red markings.

The last big decision pertains to the cover.  I thought I had made it, but my support people questioned my choice.  Although I own the final decision, I must listen with an open mind.  More ideas come forth to consider and I like the concepts.  Now I hope to incorporate them into an even better cover that will draw people to pick it up, read the magic blurb on the back and pay for it at the cash register.

Never dreamed I'd write a book, yet here I am on the verge of becoming a professional author.  The growth during the process astounds me.  My writing improved, my education furthered and today I am much more prepared to write another book and I intend to do just that.  Maybe a sequel, maybe something far from it.

Certainly, every new published writer envisions massive success and recognition.  In that regard, I conform, but not in any other.  The first chapter will shock many; those who hang around for more will fall in love, cry, and laugh.  Mediocrity no longer resides in my house.  Mark my words, this book has a destiny of its own and I am just coming along for the ride.