Friday, September 16, 2011

Snidely Whiplash

               I always loved that cartoon character’s name.  The evil villain with the handlebar moustache was foiled every time by the inept Royal Mountie, Dudley Do-Right.  Dudley was mad about Nell Fenwick, but she only whipped her lashes for his horse.  In real life I have seen girls wearing snidely eyelashes that looked long enough to be whips.
               Opened the mail the other night which is usually an unpleasant affair.  No wonder the post office is losing billions.  Anyhow, my regular IRA statement was amongst the rest of the junk.  I hadn’t bothered opening the previous one I received a month ago.  This one said my meager portfolio balance was zero dollars.  Well, whip my neck.  It never was much, but it was something.  I quit paying attention to the media, but I found it difficult to fathom the financial market shut down completely.  Then I thought what kind of idiot would want to steal my identity to abscond my piggy bank.  Next morning, I called my personal representative whose name was on my statement to inquire where my pittance might be.  Of course, I was connected to a live answering machine.  Now, isn’t that personal!  My broker, who has made me the same for the last number of years, immediately returned my phone call twenty-eight hours later assuring me his organization was just in the midst of changing every account number for no apparent reason.  My chump change was still safe.  I’d like pull out my whip and lash a few of these snidely clowns in monkey suits.
               Now my wife is dealing with some whiplash.  She was the front car of three in a stop and go rear-end collision on the freeway.  She was fine for a few days. But developed a headache that won’t go away.  Doctor took x-rays and compared them to ones he took a few years ago.  Diagnosis confirmed, severe whiplash.  Neck, jaw and back all ajar.  One hip is lower than the other too.  When I start joking around, I should pull her shorter leg.  The car is all repaired.  Wonder how snidely the guilty party’s insurance company is going to get about making her whole again.  Sure hope I don't have to depend on Dudley Do-Right.      


  1. Glenn, ask around and see who has a PERSONAL, SMALL investment manager. You can get things transferred without loss. What you described does NOT sound good to me.
    I mean---DO IT NOW!!! This is one of the areas I have a bit of knowledge with and I don't like the vibe at all.
    Second, so sorry to hear about your wife but yes, let whomever did the crashing pick up the hospital bills. These things are quiet....issues pop up later. (we follow hockey and see what happens down the road in collisions...and that's without cars) Threaten a lawsuit if you must--and believe me, there's enough ambulance chasers out there...
    Last, I *LOVE* the photo of Seattle on your header. It is stunningly beautiful. The deep blue and then the lights.


  2. Hugs to Mo, and wishes for a recovery with few speed bumps and road blocks.

  3. Listen to Wolverine! So sorry about the Mrs. and hope you are pursuing the guilty party to fix her properly. Ok that sounds like she's broken. Well you know what I mean!

  4. Oh boy - as they say "when it rains, it pours." Hoping for you that it all gets settled.

  5. Thanks to all for your concern. Seems the insurance company might have a little Dudley Do-Right in them.