Monday, September 19, 2011

Changing Course

               We are a social species.  Even hermits talk to themselves, the birds and inanimate objects.  Believe me, I know.  Being social is innate and nurtured.  Family, neighbors, friends, school, work, we are smothered in it.  We set out to explore other people and easily identify their love, kindness, goodness and beauty even though they fail to recognize it.  We do the same to ourselves.  We disregard accomplishments and compliments from those who more clearly see us.  Instead, we focus on our self-perceived inadequacies and failures.  Never good enough, we brainwash ourselves into believing we are worthless, dumb and ugly.
               So, we search and discover more people who are so wonderful inside and out and find they question their value too.  It is so vivid to us that we are unable to resist them and want to be a part of their beauty as friends and lovers.  We hope we are clever enough to bamboozle them into thinking we have some to share in return.
               Most wars in this world occur in our own heads.  It is a continuous battle and until we undo our hostile self-torture, the war will continue.  I am changing course and choosing peace.  It is time to take an introspective expedition to the inner core of me.  I am in search of I, the one others plainly see.  It’s time to reverse the tsunami tide of negative and flood it with positive thoughts of self. We seek to see the goodness in others, it’s way past due we do the same for ourselves.  That’s what life is, looking for I and accepting what we find as treasure and loving ourselves instead of constantly beating our self up.
               I invite you to join me in this journey, but no self-centered, egotistical, fat heads who are in love with themselves are welcome. 


  1. Wow!! This is soooooo well said!!! You leave me reeling with the incredible truth of it all!!
    Have to run (again) but I look forward to some reading material later!! This little Ice Bear is gonna melt me thinks!!!

  2. Oh man, I know what inspired this. But you say it oh so well. Ok if I print this out and staple it to my forehead? Put me down for the proof read too.

  3. I was just about to bang my head on the desk and remembered your post. Came back to remember to be easy on self even though I'm in the middle of the self-bashing fireworks. Hee hee, thanks for making me smile again. It's not so bad. The painting? Well that needs to go out the window. Me? I'll pout for a while and be good as new later.

  4. Thanks, you two. I am as guilty as anyone. It's like a virus, glennitis or something, and I've been seeing too much of this illness around me lately. It's time to find a cure.

    Elena, you may absolutely not put metal spikes in that pretty little head of yours!

    The way I see it, the well can only get so full. If it's contaminated with bad art, you have to let it out so the good stuff can seep back in.

  5. Oh yeah baby! Well put! Lovin' this!!! Yup. Know what has inspired the epiphanies and soooo glad to be a part. Boo Yah!

  6. Dear Dr. Glenn,
    I'm in need of the cure, please send me some of that prescription.

    I wonder what set us on this course of self dislike? Did our parents teach us this somehow?

  7. Sure feels good when you two "get me". Stayed tuned for answers to your questions, Jan. I hand wrote my answers late into the night. Will type and post soon.