Friday, September 2, 2011

Can Of Corn

            I  pulled out my old baseball mitt for my kid who hoped to catch a foul ball at the Mariners game last night.  Nothing came her way.  That glove and I had some good times, like the one long fly ball that was hit over our head in left field, but with my speedy legs and outreached arms we hauled it in and hushed the crowd.  Felt good to hold her again when my kid got back from the game.  She fit like a glove!  We played on three all-star teams together. 
Just recently, I was selected to a different kind of all-star team.  A group of creative types have formed an exclusive online club to learn, grow and discover by studying and practicing the methods in a book called The Artist’s Way.  It’s a spiritual path to creativity.  I deserved to be on the select baseball teams, this one I am not so sure.  The universe is telling me it is exactly where I need to be right now.  Let’s just say I stumbled my way into getting invited and I am so excited.  My teammates are so supportive and seem to be as enthusiastic as me.  It feels good to feel welcome.
So, here I go on a twelve week journey of exploration.  Hopefully, by Thanksgiving, I will have dozen new friends for life, one of them being me.  I wonder if anyone will notice a change in my writings when I get there.  Will I be a better wordsmith?  I wonder if I’ll notice a transformation in me.  It’s time to set sail in search of my artist child.  Maybe I’ll take my mitt with me on this adventure so I can catch everything I can, including the impossible long fly balls way over my head.         


  1. Oh yeah didn't I tell you you're stuck w/ me now? Heehee or bwah-ha-ha or wait how do you write "creepy-stalker-like-chuckling" Besides I think your writing is already awesome so I'd be amazed to see where this journey takes you.

  2. Please keep sticking and stalking because I already sense an improved outlook. What a magnificent teacher you are!

  3. Wow, I checked this out. Happy for you! I'm gonna keep checking in.

  4. Catch this, my friend! A big hug and welcome to the group, it should be a fun and creative ride.

  5. First I noticed your Mariners T-shirt....then I noticed the title of your blog post and I KNEW!!! A baseball fan!!!! Not exactly a brilliant deduction but I was excited!!! I grew up in a family where no one was interested in team sports. I was an only child and my dad preferred indy cars, stock car racing, watching the Olympics etc. But in my late 40's baseball kinda changed my life (for the better). It all started because my son became obsessed with autograph collecting and also because my husband refused to go to White sox games in April. I said I would go and take the kid. And hence a monster was created and I eventually fell in love with baseball. Made some new, crazy friends, learned not to judge people, came out a shell I'd been hiding in most of my life....there's more to it but I won't bore you with all the details. We just have many wonderful memories that resulted from time spent at the ballpark with my son!!! Pardon my rambling...I have a tendency to do that!!

  6. Mel, you have seen me before when I am possessed with passion action.

    I'll chase that hug down too, Jan.

    Robin, baseball is life on a diamond. You found your identity, that's an inside the park homerun in my scorecard! Ramble away, I bet I can keep up with you.