Thursday, September 8, 2011

Little Man In A Boat

               Hi, my name is Glenn, I'm nuts and I am a recovering artist.  Last week, I enrolled in a twelve step boogie to rediscover my creative wonder. With enough sunlight, water and support, my inner child will thrive like fruit on the vine.  I repel my crazy maker buggers and receive into my spirit only that which is whole, real and organic.  While tubing down this river, I will encounter jagged rocks threatening to overturn, deflate and drown my aspirations.  But, I am determined to find my way safely through the rapids a wiser, more artistic being in tune with the positive vibrations of the universe. 
               We see and find what we are looking for and I choose to search out good and kindness and love.  My blinders are outside in so I can reverse my path.  It is long overdue to re-examine and rediscover life and all the beauty, treasures and joy it offers, if only we seek it out.
               So, farewell my sad friends, I am on journey to wholeness and everlasting, orgasmic happiness.  I set sail to discover my new home of creativity.    


  1. Yes! Yes! Yes!!! You go Glenn! Just know if that rocky river ever feels too much, I will throw you a life vest. We have your back! Did you pack a trinket bag to carry the treasure you find along the way?

    p.s. if you find the source of orgasmic happiness, pass it on!!!!! Yowza!

    Love this post. Feels happy. Hopeful. Alive. Bravo!!!!

  2. Sounds like you are ready to ROCK and ROLL Nuts!!! Anxious to hear all about how "the ride" goes for you! I am chucking as I suddenly recall the point in "Jurassic Park" where Samuel L. Jackson says, "Hang onto your butts!!!".

  3. Wonderful statement. Print it out and read it every morning!!♥♥♥

  4. Sorry, that was supposed to be CHUCKLING!!!

  5. There's room on the boat for everyone. Let's collect the treasures and orgasmic happiness together. We can chuckle all the way.