Friday, September 9, 2011

Marvelous Night

               My brain lifts off to reach the full moon while I play ping pong.  All the while, I am just sitting in the comfort zone of my backyard deck.  Birds have either fallen asleep or departed to escape the neighbor’s radio playing commercial filled, soft rock.  Made preparations for my kid today around the house.  She’s throwing a birthday party for a friend here tomorrow.  Cleaned bits of the yard and house.  She and her guests won’t even notice.  Getting too old to manage it all.  I’ll be the only to notice the aches and improvements.  Got to remember to tune into my college football team's game in the afternoon.  Hope I haven’t forgotten how to turn the TV on.  After that, I will help the kid with whatever she wants me to do.  I know she’ll blare better music than my neighbor.
               One benefit of having a young adult kid is feeling the energy of her friends.  They have always been welcome here and are comfortable with me hanging out with them.  I do give them their space.  I have fond memories of my buddy’s single mom who always opened her home and heart.  Non-judgmental, she made everyone feel like family.  Unlike me, she didn’t mandate hugs, but often received them anyway.  I fully expect multiple hugs tomorrow.  It’s the rule of the house and I have trained them well.  Last time a talked to one of them she promised a hug or a mermaid.  Wonder which I’ll get.  Either way, I can’t lose.
               My paintbrush calls to me finish the window trim before the rains return, my mail sleeps on the kitchen table, and I am in orbit playing table tennis with zero gravity.  The neighbor’s radio goes silent and my dog barks at moon shadows.  I turn into Tom Waits and scare myself trying to moon dance.    


  1. You paint a beautiful picture with your words. It sounds like you will have a nice day---young people, music, hugs, potential mermaid.....who could ask for more?!?! Enjoy the moment!!

  2. Moon is 98% of full, I'll be watching the same one as you. Tender hearted child, the song playing out of my speakers right now. May your love never fail you. Have fun with the youngsters today, what a beautiful day it is. (I'm going to click this "subscribe by email" link and see what happens)Oh, I just did and it says "follow up comments will be sent to my email address"

  3. Your writing draws me in. Love the title. Happiness, yes? Sounds like you thoroughly enjoy your children. And lucky them! You're a hugger! Hope your night was great.
    Big hugs to you.

  4. Nine hugs including an unsolicited one from a guy! Sadly, no mermaid. If Tender Hearted Child isn't a father-daughter wedding dance tune, I don't know what is. Thanks for the "follow-up" info. Yes, I love my kids and they love me. Next post will likely be inspired by the events of last evening.