Monday, August 29, 2011

My Brain Is Exploding

Too many ideas and issues are duking it out and none are dominating.  I need to purge them all and start anew.  So, this is my morning pages written in the afternoon before hemorrhaging. Does this tie make my neck look fat?  Of all the females who have been sweet on me (okay there haven’t  been that many) none of them have told me they were attracted to my neck.  I can clean up pretty good when I have to, but neckerchief adornment?  There are plenty of cultures, continents and centuries to blame for this symbolic ritual attempting to signify title or wealth. The first thing the paramedics are going to do when they find me comatose on the ground is loosen it to clear the air passage.  How many widget sales can be directly identified because the salesperson wore a piece of knotted cloth around their neck?  That must be one fancy widget you’re selling.  Good grief.
What a weird combination of words.  I am not certain where the phrase may have begun, but I do know it was popularized by Charlie Brown.  They were words my father used instead of swearing and if I’m not mistaken there is a town in Idaho by the same name.  Even so, I don’t know what good grief is.  It seems such an oxymoron.  What can possibly be good about grief?  The grief I know is horrible.  There is nothing good about it. 
Yes, I’m sure this rambling will turn out splotchy, just like the deck I stained again this weekend.  It looks like a patchwork quilt made of wood.  Have I lost my touch or is everything I do supposed to turn to crap?  Now the car is in the shop.  I had to jump the other one to get it down there.  I may have to jump off the two-foot deck if it’s the transmission.  I don’t have a few extra grand laying around because I was sent to pasture before my time.  Now I have a new routine of repeating stories and calling my children by the other’s name just like my parents did to me.  And I probably repeat the same stories over and over to them too.  And what’s unconventional about getting married on April Fool’s Day?  I love summer, my foot suntan is coming along nicely.  Are there just leaders, lifters, loafers and leeches in this life?  I am sure I have been all four at one time or another.  I really need to paint the window trim before the monsoons come.  Wonder how I can mess that project up.  Maybe I’ll fall off the ladder, I really don’t want to wear shoes.  And I should do the chimney trim, but man it is so steep and there could be a windstorm up there on a calm day on the ground.  My whiskers keep growing back and I should trim my nails.  Since I’m on the west coast, I don’t care what time my show comes on in the east.
Okay, the cranial pressure is subsiding for now.


  1. Ok is it scary to say my morning pages makes yours seem like kid's play. Loved it! Made me feel better about all the crap that runs through my head! Like a ball of yarn after the puppy has been pulling and yanking at loose strands. One big hunka mess. And my son is reminding me that I'm repeating myself and sometimes makes me feel like a loser for no longer working. Hee hee ok now my comment sounds like morning pages! Egad!! Or Good Grief!

  2. Since this is for public consumption, I put barriers on this free writing. You should see the real thing! I hope you keep repeating yourself and drop back in here again.

  3. Sure will and hope you got the email I sent this morning.

  4. Brain purge. Feel better now? Maybe I should try it, I can't even start a blog post.
    I like patchwork quilts. Maybe I should stain my deck to look like one. You may have started a new trend in deck decor! Next thing you know you will be featured in Sunset Magazine;-)

  5. There is something special about a blanket made with love. My deck would look way better in Moonlight Magazine.

  6. Glenn, you have revealed much about yourself in this post...I wonder if you even know the artist way
    Elena will be an excellent leader
    You my dear friend...I can see are going to keep it interesting
    Oh, I'm Suz...the lurker....daily watcher..sometimes commenter
    good morning from Illinois

  7. Glenn, a great read! From the heart but remember, the deck will be done when you decide it is done, but hopefully before the rains. And, I vote for an image of the universe! That will keep you focused for a while - chop wood, carry water!

  8. Suz, If I fail to put some of me in my posts, I may as well not own it. I am so excited about the artist's way. Elena will collar me if I get out of hand. Thank you so much for dropping in and commenting. You are welcome here anytime.

  9. Thank you, Ann. The deck boards are protected. I am usually functional, not aesthetics oriented, but in this instance I am disappointed. In a month or two, nobody will notice or care. The deck is done for another season, but that does not mean I want the rains anytime soon.