Thursday, November 24, 2011

Simple Christmas Wishes

            The sky no longer warm and clear
Barefoot summer long gone from here
Leaves lay in the lawn
Christmas season must be on

More and more not quite enough 
Bargains hunters addicted to stuff
Turkey bellies jam malls pre-dawn
Christmas another business con

Selfish greed just can’t hide
Walmart riots nationwide
Rest of the world, are they so wrong
Flagrant excess going strong

Time to change the status quo
Fill the world with mistletoe
Cures what ails most everyone
Tranquility wherever hung
That’s my simple Christmas wish
My gift to you, a hug and kiss


  1. Ooooooh!! LOVE LOVE LOVE this!! I just snuck away from my company for a moment!! Glad I did!!

  2. I love this poem!!!!
    Smooches back atcha!

  3. I join you in trying to change the status quo. Call me a humbug but my gifts are mainly hand made and from the heart, not the mall.

  4. Your xmas wish is not simple at all and a hug and a kiss is the best gift of all. Sending some back at you too.

  5. LOVE! I don't shop in malls, avoid stores as much as possible. Keeping it real...great poem.

  6. Thanks all! Love your love, hugs and smooches you sent back. There is no humbuggery in homemade gifts full of love. Seems like a simple wish. I don't do malls either.

    I wrote this one 2005. More to come every other day or so for a while.