Monday, November 28, 2011

Christmas Wishes

May you be blessed with greater joys

Than presents under your tree

May you be energized by big, excited eyes

Of a little girl or boy

May you be surrounded by the love

Of special friends and precious family


May you be of good health

Do something kind and worthwhile

Find time to make another smile

Feel good inside about yourself

May you discover money

Is not the true measure of wealth


May you follow your heart

Chase after dreams

Today is time to start

Life is shorter than it seems


May you find the courage

To stand up for what is right

May you take less than you give

And sleep peacefully at night

Teach your children to love and live


May you carry the magic of the season

And sing a happy song

Share it freely with others

Everyday, all year long


  1. Now they are some pretty amazing wishes. Its my favourite xmas poem so far :)

  2. Very nice, Glenn!

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. The same to you, my friend. This is far better than a Hallmark card.

  4. Thanks, all. This is one of my favorites, it still applies and I wrote it nine years ago.

  5. Heartwarming wishes...very good.

  6. How absolutely lovely. Captures the spirit of the season perfectly! At least the spirit we all want it to be! I wish all that for you as well.