Monday, November 14, 2011

Fixing Things

               A couple months ago my car was running rough.  Serves me right, I had neglected normal maintenance due to the minor detail of no income.  So, I clunked it in to the shop.  I trust the mechanics I take it to and they gave it a thorough look over.  Thought they had fixed everything when they discovered a radiator leak and repaired that before I picked it up.
               I’ve taken my dogs to the vet when they’ve been running rough too.  Shoot, you take them in for shots and they inspect their eyes, mouth, teeth, heart, stomach and paws.  Like my mechanic, they treat the whole machine.
               That’s not what happens if you go to the doctor.  They will only want to look at one specific thing per visit.  You have three minutes at $100 per second to discuss one ailment exclusively, get a diagnosis and remedy, which is usually a prescription because they are the legal drug dealers.  And the medicine they dish out has warnings that it will make you feel even more miserable and in some cases kill you.  That is so comforting.  So you go in for an painful ingrown toenail, get an anti-inflammatory prescription, also known as steroids, and a lecture to reduce your sodium intake and definitely don’t smoke or drink.
               I have to ask you what the heck does my salt intake have to do with an ingrown toenail?  And why can I only discuss one ailment when they give advice for other issues?  We treat our vehicles and pets better in this society than human health care.  Another co-pay and clinics suck the insurance companies teat for each ache.
               Learning the hard way how injury claims work in auto accidents too.  Instead of the guilty party’s insurance covering medical bills directly, your insurance pays them and then looks for reimbursement.  Seems to be a racket and huge waste of time and money.  I am starting to understand why premiums are so expensive.  Perhaps there is a benefit for the injured to have representation if there is resistance by the liable carrier, but why not wait until an issue arises?
               Is it any wonder that a few awakened  Americans have participated in the Occupy protests?  The majority just allow the rich to get wealthier and grab whatever scraps they can.  Instead, it should be the minority sitting on the sidelines fearful that their greed has been exposed.
               The time has come to fix some things.  Let’s start treating people at least as well as our cars and pets.  It will go a long way to bring peace in this world.  There will continue to be unrest until greed is replaced with love and compassion.       


  1. Good post but I cannot comment much. If I start on the whole big business, insurance, corporate America thing, I will be here all day!! And it won't be pretty. ;0)

  2. Since you mentioned it, I am proud to be in a profession that offers exceptional health care for patients: Golden Retrievers, Siamese cats, and everything in between. Wishing my Medicaid covered grandson would be so lucky.

  3. If wishes were horses even beggars would ride.

  4. Nacher, I know. Melanie, thanks for your noble work. Jan, we can make wishes come true.

  5. Caught a rerun of 2012 the movie and it shares what you speak at the end of the was fresh on my mine and then I read you post here and really makes me want to stand up for it even,humanity and compassion not greed

  6. Here's hoping the Mayan 2012 calendar opens a ravine that swallows the 'greedy' as a mass sacrifice to the lava gods. In the interim all we can do is stand up for ourselves and somehow pray that love, compassion and humanity spread FAST.

  7. Love the last line best of all. There is so much greed out there. So many selfish people. Don't they know, we're all connected?!?!