Friday, November 11, 2011


With a sociology background, I am an observer of people and social interaction.  As I have aged, it has become acutely apparent that everyone has an emptiness of some kind in their life.  The wealthy might mask it with aesthetics, the poor display it with despair.  The beautiful feel ugly, the kind think they could have given more.  The emotionally starved are famished, the hungry have empty stomachs, the sick want to be fed health.
Everybody seems to be going through life with a void of some kind.  The career girl is jealous of her friend with two babies, the mother envious of her friend’s business success.  The examples are endless if you look at your friends, family and associates.  Every one of them carries around a big load of empty.  Some hide it better than others.  They most likely won’t admit it, but you can see it if you really look.
Like a gazillion others before me, I must conclude that all are lacking love in some aspect of their life.  Some need affection and attention, some need self-esteem boosting, some need clean water and food, some need real medical treatment.  Some need to grow a conscience and others need to discover compassion and understanding for our fellow world citizens.
Emptiness is an lonely, hollow feeling.  We are all meant to live a full life.  Start filling your well with love and inspire others to do the same.  Allow those around you to find their happiness.  Set an example by your actions, not just your words.  Get out there and start filling the emptiness with goodwill.  It will do you and the world some good.


  1. A very inspiring post. I'll start by sending you love.

  2. Excellent and inspiring advice! I see so many people going around trying to maintain the illusion that their life is perfect. Why are we so reluctant to admit to our hunger for something more?? My love bucket is over-flowing these days and some of it's coming your way!!

  3. Sending you some love. As usual a great post. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  4. Good words, Glenn. Cultivate love and gratitude.