Wednesday, November 9, 2011


All too often, we take it for granted.  We walk around grousing about somebody or something in this little speck of the universe.  It’s an amazing speck, but miniscule in the big picture of time and space.  Life is our most precious commodity.  Those with compassion live it to the fullest.  They tend to touch the hearts of others and create inspiration.  Selfishly, we struggle to allow them to leave us when the great creator needs them elsewhere.  All we can hold onto is the spirit they leave behind.
That becomes the cherished miracle we caress in our heart.  We all have somebody inside that is a part of us.  We must never forget the love and passion they gave and taught.  Their mission accomplished here, we are obligated to pass on the wisdom and love we learned and received.  It is our duty and tribute to them.


Why listen, not feel
Why stop instead of go
How does the wind
Know which way to blow

Endless choices
Consequences each
What to leave behind
What to keep

That star attracts
Afraid to reach
Pain or glory
Experience teach

“For what is real but compassion as we move from birth to death.”  Greg Brown


  1. Ug!
    "the cherished miracle we caress in our heart"
    That line alone is... wow.
    Great writing Glenn.
    (cyber hug)

  2. This is so beautiful and a badly needed reminder that sometimes we just have to let go. We don't get to pick the time or the place. The tears we cry are the price we pay for having loved. I will gladly pay the price, many times over.

  3. Still, we can't help but fight against the loss. Nobody gets outta here alive! But we live the best we can and hopefully leave something good behind when we do bow out.
    Stick around, the best is yet to come!

  4. Love the drawing, by the way!!

  5. Thank you all for your kind comments. I truly appreciate them.

  6. touching all the way in and out.