Monday, August 8, 2011


               I have been accused more than once of being a little down on myself.  Life has made it a challenge to smile while being back stabbed, robbed and hoodwinked.  There seems to be pattern in my existence of these things and seasoned with a healthy dose of rejection.  I see what’s going on around me and know others have experienced much worse.  I have also seen total jerks stomp on people to climb the mountain.  So here’s the deal.  I know I am not the best at anything, but pretty good at a few things.  I know I don’t want to squish others to get ahead and I know I suck at self-promotion.  Being my hardest critic makes it difficult to graciously receive compliments, even though I am so appreciative of them.  Everybody loves to be loved.
               The only thing I can do is be the best possible me.  There are no second chances and nobody else wants the job.  So I have to fill my body, mind and spirit with good things like wholesome food, positive thoughts and take the blinders off to feel the harmonious vibrations in the universe.  There is big money in controlling the seed supply and relatively quietly that is who is trying to do it.  Worse than that, they have been genetically altering crops and seafood.  Every strip mall seems to have some fast food, junk food joint.  It’s no wonder people are obese.  We have all become guinea pigs.  There is nothing as sweet and delicious as fresh vegetables out of your own garden. 
               Just like the body, the mind is a garbage in-garbage out entity.  Negativity feeds on itself, but positivity does too.  When we feed our mental computer with the depressing evening news, brought to you by Advil, you are bound to get a headache.  So seldom do they report the good stuff and even when they do, it is usually after some tragedy.  It brings to mind a recent local story.  A child turned nine on June 11th.  Her birthday wish was to raise $300 to help provide clean drinking water to kids in Africa.  She succeeded to acquire $220 of it when she was an innocent victim of a thirteen car-truck pile up on the freeway that took her life.  The media paid no attention to her birthday wish until she was gone.  Then it was all over the story and her inspiration has raised close to three quarter of a million dollars, many in the form of nine dollars donations to mark her age.  I find this story so beautifully sad.  This little girl wanted to make a positive difference in the lives of others, but was only celebrated and publicized after her she died.  Why does the media only latch onto a positive story after tragedy strikes?  The point is it makes a difference what you allow your mind to be exposed to.
               Despite all my shortcomings, I am a good person.  I want to contribute to the greater good.  I need to channel the good vibrations that are everywhere.  Listen, really open up and listen.  Spend some quiet time daily and meditate.  Feed myself good thoughts and stop degrading me.  Let go of negativity and just let the goodness flow into my spirit.  Peace of mind, body and spirit.  Love me, love you, love all life and the earth that provides it.             


  1. It is a full time job, trying to remain positive in this world but well worth the effort. I believe positive energy rebounds and creates more positive energy. Conversely, negative energy creates more negative energy. It is like sharing a smile with a stranger, they might then share their smile with more strangers until everyone is smiling. Well, it's a nice thought:-D
    Good post, Glenn.

  2. Thanks, Jan. I am smiling at you and sending positive vibes your way right now.

  3. fantastic read, seeing the obvious obedience to the absurdities and also seeing the true beauty in what we really can be. I am looking forward to seeing your read some day about the talent-genius canvas. "Great minds that are healthy are never considered geniuses, ..........". Talent is a target no one hits, genius is a target no one sees. The masses miss the simplicity of many beautiful 9 year old sights before they are blinded by the future heaven or hell schism truly missing the present. Thanks

  4. Thanks, Steve. Hmm, what might I know about talent and genius? I best trance deeply on this one.

  5. Your words are a reminder and an inspiration.

  6. Melanie, your wonderfulness is an inspiration too.