Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Hope And Chains

Dear Mr. President,

               You are a good man and you and I had high aspirations when you entered the White House.  But, your predecessor never took out the trash.  The Oval Office was scattered with an imploding economy and two inherited wars.  All three branches of the federal government have failed the common citizen.  Instead of hope and change, many people in this country are in a ball and chain.  When I say people, I mean humans, not corporations who are allowed by the disgusting Supreme Court to buy elections.  Real change in the health care system turned into a compromised, mangled goulash that probably won’t serve the people or solve anything.  It cost you control in Congress last election and I am appalled by the recent debt limit war.    
               It’s time for real change.  You got bin Laden, now bring every last soldier home immediately.  Far as I know, you can do that without Congressional approval, so do it!  Shoving our broken democracy down the rest of the world does nothing, but create more enemies.  That alone would save this nation buckets of money and blood.   Massively cut the defense budget.  Why do we spend more on war tools than every other country in the world combined?  That is insanity.  If we are claiming to be a peaceful nation, then let’s start walking the walk and build tools of peace and harmony.  Talking heads and sound bytes aren’t cutting it anymore.  What exactly are we defending, the freedom of the wealthy and big business to control the peasants?  Freedom?  I can’t even sell my house in these economic times and find work elsewhere.  The cost of living rises and standard of living declines for the everyday Joes. 
               Before it’s too late, let’s save our people before we try to convert the rest of the world. If we do it right here, the rest of the world will follow.  Invest some of the defense budget cuts to create meaningful employment.  There are plenty of people who would love to contribute to the greater good and their fair share to tax coffers.  I said “fair” share.  We both know big money is running this government.  If you want to promote hope, then call out the large the corporations and rich and make them pay their fair share back to the people.  If the Supreme Court says they can spend whatever they want on political campaigns, then make them paying citizens too.  I suppose corporations can write-off campaign contributions as legitimate expenses of doing business.  Give me a break. 
Do not compromise on your true convictions.  Forget about getting re-elected, serve the common citizen while you are in office.  That would be real change for you and everyone in Congress. That’s what you all were elected to do.  Quit pussy footing around.  Get tough, change for change sake is a waste of time.  Before another foreclosure, another job is lost overseas, another soldier dies, get something done for the American people, the human kind!  Be the locksmith to free us little people from the ball and chain.          


  1. Bush before Obama had his backside handed to him by the left for warmongering and deserving so. Clinton before Bush was portrayed by the media and Hollywood as a sax playing love child while Iraq was being sanctioned severely resulting in 1,000,000 direct deaths. The best the right could do against that warmongering leadership was investigate where the jizz went. No fun allowed while there is sh.. to be blown up. No reason to go any deeper into history more of the same and no wonder it appears as another puppet reigns today. I am with you Glenn, it would be cool to see Obama take even a tiny stand against the biggies. Kicking Sony Corp. out of his fundraisers and the future planned war movie would be a good start then we might see some expected dismantling of the global occupations. I am expecting a lot like you with great optimism. It is hard to stomach this prez but he is there for at least awhile longer and during that time true change has to occur so he is the man. The first puppet for peace , balance and harmony. Sounds great? Thanks our friend

  2. A leader breaking the cycle, now that would be a legacy.