Monday, February 4, 2013

Crazy Fun Times

As promised, my editor sent back my second draft a couple weeks ago and I have been working on it non-stop ever since.  I must say I thoroughly enjoy the challenges she throws at me.  Refitting the key pieces, the story is evolving, the characters developing, the ending no longer clear.

But, today is a big one for another reason.  My buddy, Uta Mooney, is setting up her exhibition of paintings based on my to-be-published book.

This is outside Gallery M in Adelaide, South Australia, where the exhibit will be displayed.  
It opens February 8th.

Not sure you can read the gallery newsletter, but the article on the bottom explains the concept and inspiration.

This is the back one of the canvases Uta will hang on the gallery walls of the imagination.

These are a few phrases from my book that are spread out on the gallery floor during set-up.

I am going to be the most famous, unpublished author in Australia before the week's over! 


  1. It must feel weird knowing your words are going up on a gallery wall on the other side of the world. You will be unpublished but widely read LOL. Keep working and you book will make its way into the physical world before too long.

  2. This is just a hint of what it will feel like once you are fully published! Way to go, Uta and Glenn, you make a good team!

  3. Nice to finally 'hear' you say that Glenn!!!

  4. I'm so proud to know you both!!! Congratulations!