Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Latest

Haven't had much time to share here lately.  Been busy with editing my third draft which should be complete next week.  Then that will be hurry up and wait until my editor responds to it.  Last weekend was crazy, not only didn't my daughter come for a visit, which always livens up the house, but Uta Mooney's solo art exhibition based on my book opened.  Check out a video she made before the doors opened here!  It was a huge success.

                       I didn't handle all the pressure well.  This is South Australia's first impression of me.

                There was nice article in an online newsletter about the exhibit  you can see here.

   Oh, and I can unveil the full portraiture Uta did of me now titled "The Writer".


  1. Hahahaha that pic of you on Skype cracks me up every time ... hilarious.

  2. Wonderful unfolding of this story, the one you are writing and the one you are living.

  3. Familar faces up there! Yep, the story about the story is a good one too!!