Saturday, February 23, 2013

Draft 3

It took a month to complete my third draft of Cabin 108 and, finally today, I sent it to my editor for review.  Changing one small thing can have a domino effect and require many other alterations.  Each rewrite has improved the story and the words.  My hope is I am now past the major hurdles and can get down to quick, easy fixes.  That will all be determined by what my editor comes back to me with in a week or two.  Hopefully, her workload is light right now.

I am more active on Facebook promoting my book.  Please like my page there for a chance to win a print of one of Uta Mooney's amazing paintings she did based on my book.  A random drawing will be held when I get 100 likes on my page.  It is currently at 70.  Spread the word; tell your friends.  I am going to have to sell a lot of books to make this labor of love pay off.  It's been a year and half effort and I am inching toward publication.

Uta is planning to return to the United States this summer and we already have plans to display her work and mine in Portland, OR, thanks to a friend.  Details will be forthcoming as they become finalized.

For now, I will leave you with the beginning lines of Cabin 108:  

Cabin door Number 108 stared at him as he sucked one more deep breath of the warm, summer breeze. His fingers curled into his sweaty palm, and he knocked meekly three times. The crescendo of silence nearly made his brain explode. The sound of an unlocking deadbolt broke the still, and he watched the doorknob turn. Had the moment he waited so long for finally arrived? Blood, hotter than lava, spewed from his heart as the door slowly opened. Leg tremors quaked the earth below. 


  1. I already like the changes and am sure the rest of the book will be even better too.

  2. Thanks, Jan, I have put a lot of effort into editing. My ears have grown, listening carefully to my amazing editor. You'll still recognize the story, but hopefully it flows better and is worth the journey, both for the main character and the reader. Thank you for sharing bits and pieces of my progress on FB.

  3. Is this an excerpt from the book or is it you meeting your editor to find our her verdict on draft 3???

  4. As I wait impatiently for my editor's verdict, the answer is 'yes'. I may know today how soon she'll get back to me. Even that gives me leg tremors.