Thursday, November 8, 2012

Melding Art Forms

The working title for my book is Cabin 108.  As I wrote it, Uta Mooney painted my imagination with hers.  I describe my story this way.

As the life he has known disintegrates around him, Cabin 108 chronicles one man’s journey seeking to rediscover himself.  Passion guides him in a new direction.  Grateful for a fresh start, he trusts the path will lead to answers, but it is as crooked as llama teeth.  With a new found freedom, his once famished physical desires feast.  Searching to nourish his spirit with truth and tranquility, his adventures change him, his morals and his boundaries.

Uta describes it visually below.  These are small details of much larger paintings offered as a sneak preview for her solo exhibition early next year to be held at Gallery M in Adelaide, South Australia beginning February 8th.  Be there!  It'll be worth the trip.   

Chapter 1 - Unleashed

Chapter 3 - Goodbye

Chapter 6 - This Sucks

Chapter 9 - Trust

Chapter 15 - Direction

Chapter 16 Exposed

Chapter 21 - Up and Down

The Writer


  1. Thanks for the plug Glenn, it looks real good

  2. It looks great! Will you be at Uta's opening, Glenn? You ought to be.

  3. Looks, and sounds, great! You should both be very proud :)

  4. My pleasure, Uta. I'd love to be at the opening, Jan. If not this one, perhaps the next. Thanks, Elena, I am.

  5. And I am so proud and excited for you both! A winning conglomerate; love these little peeks!