Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Comments About Cabin 108

This...well, THIS! If the reader is not hanging by their nails at the end of this chapter, something is very, very WRONG with them! I had to highlight the whole thing because this--at the middle of the story--has returned to the initial passion of chapter 1, but with an added twist. The writing has flowed from hot and passionate to more relaxed, to real-life-daily~~the whole gamut of emotions have been visited, and I was wondering if you would raise the pace back up or just give peeks and hints, but this DEFINITELY raised the pace! DAMN!
And now I am left wondering, how on earth is the ending going to top this mid-section interlude? (which I know it will, but still, I'm wondering...thinking....)

This chapter really grabbed me and took me on the roller coaster ride.  Here's to the rest of the story~~~CHEERS!

Wow....this sure provided a thrill ride. Good work, good writing. I am delighted to see it progressing and in such a way that I cannot gauge what is around the next paragraph.

I love the visual quality of him scanning the land by moonlight. This is delightful poetry for the mind to soak in and bring forth our own personal landscapes softly glowing under the moon. Beautiful......really beautiful.

I know writing is a hard game but if he stops writing he's a dick head. Here is someone who can write and he needs to keep doing it.

This is something I want to continue reading. I want to know what happens. Does he see everything in images before he writes it? How good to be able to produce this out of your own imagination. The visualization you get from his writing is brilliant.

Intrigue is everywhere with relationships. Developments all over the place. Great reading - good work.

Follow Gordon through this part of his life. Meet his array of friends and enjoy his experiences, varied as they are. There is a piece of all of us in this book, one you must read. Find yourself wanting to travel through life with these characters chapter by chapter. You won't put it down.

I hate romantic books and yet you have captured my interest with this story.

I just gasped and read on with my mouth open. My mind started to scramble to try and find a way the story line could continue.

You sure know how to shock a girl!!! And I don't shock easily. Far out Glenn!!!

I started out totally shocked and outraged, thought it was unbelievable but I ended up understanding something deeper.

You are getting so damn good!!!  I did not want it to end. I was totally engrossed in this chapter. Forgot about everyone and everything while I read it. Totally zoned out. Roared with laughter again.

Your phrasing just cracks me up. I love that about your writing.

You are now delving into emotions of the characters which makes them even more real.

I love reading this book Glenn. I get so much pleasure from it. No wonder you are enjoying writing it so much. To be able to make up characters and make them so real that I can't imagine the world without them is amazing. I can see them. You make me see them. That's really quite astounding isn't it???

ITS BLOODY BRILLIANT!!! I held my breath, the suspense was killing me ... is killing me. Damn that's good.

In true Glenn style we have - They are wise beyond their feathers and leather. Do you realize I look for these treasures now??? I love this quirky little way you have those lines. That sure is your trade mark I reckon. Enjoyed it. 

Another strong chapter with the story gaining depth and the characters worming their way deeper into my heart.

Another turn of events that means you have to read on to find out how it turns out.
Bugger, now you have sucked me in and I can't wait to find out what happens.

Those clever poetic lines are more enjoyable than ice cream!!!

Seductive. impassioned and amusing, Cabin 108 is a tale that will capture you from the very beginning. The characters come alive and are thoroughly entertaining. Their presence grab you and stay with you forever.

You mongrel dog! What an ending (or is it?) I certainly did not have that ending on my list. A great final chapter, one that takes your book to a new level ... well done. As soon as I get time I will read the whole book again and put it all together. It will be interesting.

I read it again all in one go. Oh Glenn its fantastic. The ending is perfect.  I want to read the whole book again from beginning to end.

Your imagination knows no bounds!

It's the story of a man who suddenly finds himself free from a loveless celibate marriage and how he goes about finding his spirit with help from many provocative women.  

Love the sweet and tender and hot, hot, hot all combined!!!  No wonder I love it.....it's like my dream come true!!

Meet Gordon, a man as charming and irresistible as the story he inhabits. Follow along on his quest to stop being what everyone wants him to be and starts finding out who he really is. The changes happening in his life have him on a real roller coaster ride of ups, downs and wicked thrills. Cabin 108 embodies a little bit of everyone’s hopes, dreams and fantasies and will grab you from the very first page.

Cabin 108 introduces you to a lost soul named Gordon, and invites you to tag along for the ride as he tries to figure out this thing called life. Full of irresistible characters and astonishing situations, this page turner will keep you guessing 'What's next for Gordon?' right up to the end.


  1. Very cool to see all these comments together! And funny how I can tell who wrote a lot of them (even the ones that aren't mine!) It must feel awesome for YOU to read them as well. Reaping the rewards of what you have sown! Big smile here!

  2. If this doesn't entice people to want to read the whole book, I guess they don't read. Love the new header, btw.

  3. Thanks, everyone. These comments touch me each time I read them. I am counting on lots of readers in the near future.

  4. It makes me want to read it again!!! I can't wait to curl up in bed with the cabin as an actual physical book!!!! How exciting. I agree with Jan ... nice header hehehe