Saturday, April 7, 2012


I recall at a vey young age being told I was special, unique and I should celebrate that.  It was pretty cool.  Then we got herded up and sent to schools with structure and rules and expectations trying to make us all the same by treating us that way.  Wear these clothes, learn this stuff and act this way.  Don’t be too weird in your uniqueness or we will have to control you in other ways, like magic pills to dull your imagination and tame your spirit.  And the sad thing is most of us buy into it.  When we grow up, it’s only okay for each snowflake to be different, but not people.  We all live in boxes, are fed the same crap by the powerful, told when to sleep, how to behave and what to look like.  Different is frowned upon.  For the most part, I played their game.  I cut my hair and painted my picket fence while I was making others richer and being led to believe this was my “happy”. 

I had buried me in their clone-ness.  But, their plan was not my dream.  I am different and darn proud of it.  When I walked away, I went through a long mourning period and then began to realize a rebirth.  I am still that special and unique kid.  I am different and it bothers others that I celebrate my uniqueness.  They aren’t me and I refuse to give the boundaries that are rightfully mine.  They have no right to shove their expectations on me.  I will groom as I please, I will love who and how I please and harm no one.  Hey, Easter people, isn’t that what Jesus did?  Our political leaders wear their clown costumes and are war mongers while they shout “peace and freedom” as the get obscenely rich.  Put me in the martyr column with John Lennon. 

Everything will remain the same until enough people wake up to the reality and question, even challenge the status quo.  I have been rich and I have been poor, it’s my turn to be happy.  Now that my friend, is different. 


  1. Now that makes me happy!!!!!

  2. So true Glenn, and even more so now than when I was a kid in school. At least then *different* was tolerated (don't piss off a nun~~we might have worn a uniform but our inner DIFFERENT was celebrated and no crap was taken if you were mad fun of!).
    It is odd that now, at a point when the country should be educated enough to realize diversity is good, profitable and beneficial, there are a handful of the powerful trying to squelch it into oblivion, and make us lock-step.
    I am odd, quirky, different, and I celebrate it every day.
    I'm glad you found your path back to the same, and to *HAPPY* too!


  3. I'd rather see the world full of happy people being their authentic selves than full of people popping pills to try and "fit in" to someones idea of normal. I think we are born authentically happy and perfect. But then we are forced to stifle our natural joy in life because it might disrupt someone else's life. It's so sad.
    Love this post! And it's nice to see you blogging!!

  4. Well now I was wondering when the post was going to change...i stop in now and again to see the same old's so refreshing to see the Different happening..

    Carry on....

  5. Happy to see you posting and glad that you are rediscovering who Glenn really is. What a ride! Celebrate your special uniqueness!

  6. I apologize for my sabbatical here, pleasantly surprised anyone came to visit this dusty place. Been going through a barrage of change and spending most of my writing time creating a book. This conformity versus individuality issue got me riled up. I'll try to share more often here to keep you interested. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  7. How’s that saying go in the famous manual? "You will not enter the kingdom till you revert to that of the innocence of a child" Innocence in the same manual refers to a state of not recognizing authority. Are the same zealots or I mean the leaders of today carrying the sword to enforce this authority. An incredible education opportunity is to know the intent of the producers of public schooling. Obedience to the perpetual war machine and the modern design right down to reshaping the English language coming straight out of the temples of the empire of Prussia. That was only about middle agers years before the end of that first world war and the start of Germany. Did the famous one in the manual not say to lay down our swords? Facts and documents can be kind of dry material but few have delivered in detail on your post subject better than John Taylor Gatto. My father retired as a school administrator, I attended K-12 without missing a single day of school and was rewarded for it as well as other so called achievements. With my father the day before he passed I summarized a progressive analysis of the flawed public education system in one word. The word was ATTENDENCE. During the Easter week I was in a awe of some articles written, one focused on the progress of discontinuing the de-humanizing of Jesus. I grew up being programmed with the word “son of god”. I just recently realized the new side of the bible references Jesus as “son of man” 200 times and “son of god” 47 times. Extremely conservative, those stats have been around since at least King James time. I have been progressing to feel anyone including Jesus that encourages the sword not be used to solve issues is more of a brother than a father especially from a higher realm. In person or not I feel their presence on the frontline for peace and happy to know you are my brothers and sisters.