Monday, October 17, 2011

Scavenger Hunt

                   Life is a scavenger hunt without a list.  We don’t even know what we’re looking for, but we search and learn and collect experiences.  When we figure out what we don’t want, we begin to narrow down what we do.  But, sometimes we still can’t quite pinpoint it and even when it becomes clear, it feels unattainable.  Perhaps we discover happiness, but it can be short-lived.  With effort, we try to recreate it with the same old, jigsaw pieces.  It is never as rewarding as the first time we made the discovery,  but we are happy and grateful.  We hang onto things that used to make us feel good and go on searching for more.  All the while, certain routines are developed and we leave unfilled voids dormant.  Like a cemetery, we bury our desires, our dreams and settle for what we have.
               We forget to keep hunting, searching, looking for the things that make us feel alive.  Small children live in wonderment, they have so much to teach us about life.  Young adults juggle school, work and social lives.  Somehow as we age, we seem to allow the tsunami to take us where it will instead of being the tidal wave we used to be.
               I am on a journey with some very special, talented people.  We are learning together to search for answers.  No more settling for the status quo because there is more to life.  I am hunting like a scavenger again for that which makes me whole.


  1. I" am a child, I'll last a while.
    You can't conceive
    of the pleasure in my smile."

    -Neil Young

  2. That's exactly what I am trying to rediscover.

  3. Finding Water...brings many discoveries...

    The time is now, Grasshopper...

  4. I gathered the cotton balls, did you find any swizzle sticks?


    Just lettin' ya know how much fun I'm having on this scavenger hunt with you!

  5. Adults seem to forget how to play.

  6. This is what keeps me going! Love this post! Thanks Glenn.

  7. I make it a point to try every day to find one small wonder. It can be as simple as that first sip of coffee, the sunrise, leaves blowing about, the sun catching on an object in a certain way.
    I think the world tries to convince us we need BIG THINGS, but it is indeed scavenging for the small and tiny beauties that brings joy to each day.
    Keep looking....more wonder to follow!


  8. Nacher, we need to find passion fruit and almond joy. Uta, I never completely forgot how to play, just doing it more often lately and it feels good. Thanks, April, I love hunting with you. Anne, I need your great BIG friendship.

  9. Really love this post! I hope you find what you're hunting for!! It's out there! I feel quite sure about that!

  10. I'm a little late coming to this post, but I am totally with you! Keep your eyes, ears and heart open to all that is around you and you might be amazed at what you find. I hope you have a "Wow!" moment every day of your life.