Sunday, October 23, 2011


Perhaps the concept conjures mental images of children dying of starvation in African villages.  It is sad to realize the hunger for power, money and fame is more important than human life.  And the children die and we export death instead of love.  How did we get to this place?  What will it take to end the cycle of hate, fear and war?
We all have had dreams and hungered to make them come true.  Life too often beats us down and our dreams go into a coma.  We quit searching for solutions to reach for them.  We settle for what we have.  Then one day, the embers are somehow reignited and we suddenly awaken famished.  I am discovering I am not alone wanting to feed my dreams.
I hunger to love and be loved.  Uncovering others dormant dreams feeds mine.  Attitude is everything.  Everyone likes happy, too many choose sad.  You receive what you project.  I am on a mission to feed my happy dreams and spread love wherever I can.  Let’s keep our dreams alive by nurturing them instead of starving and burying them.  Join me and together we can end world hunger in all its ugly forms.


  1. Count me in ...
    Love reading your words. Keep them coming.

  2. Great post. I remember school mates/coworkers saying I was too happy; like it was a bad thing. I guess somewhere along the line you start believing it or maybe reacting to the environment. And suddenly it's easier to conform, the dull the senses, to try and forget. The funny thing is deep inside you never forget and the little ember waits for that bit of oxygen that will encourage it to grow stronger. Thanks for being part of the tribe.

  3. You both inspire me to keep writing and sharing. There's no such thing as too happy in my new world. I am forever grateful to be part of the tribe.