Thursday, December 13, 2012

My Editor

That's right kids, I have one.  After I decided who to work with, my patience was tested.  My editor actually had to read the manuscript before responding.  The waiting was rather brutal, but not as much as her report back.  I have never seen so much red in a document in my whole life.  Made me feel like an illiterate taking a doctorate course.  But, my editor is thorough and experienced.  She also discussed the substance of the story and to read the main character was flawed did not boost my confidence either.  All added up, I wondered if my dream was worth holding onto.  We have been down a long road together and, like a loved one, you don't let go easily.

After a day of introspection, I asked the editor for a phone conference.  She wasn't the big, bad, dream killer after all, just trying to improve the marketability of my book.  I like my editor and I like to say "my editor"!  She is the first completely non-biased person to read my story and although her comments felt harsh initially, she was honest and professional with her analysis of my work.  So, like every other writer, a second draft is in order.  I never envisioned how much more work I'd have to do, but it will be worth it in the long run.

The main thing is I have the final say with this publisher, but I do need to listen to their advice.  That's what I pay them for.  Thus, it's back to the man cave for me to make fixes.  I hope there aren't too many more surprises along the way.  It'd be nice to publish this in my lifetime and write another.  I will be so much better informed the second time around.

Stay tuned, the dream lives on.   


  1. Oh the red marks...put my son in a 6 month long stomach ache and doctor visits with shaming questions about his body to see what was the end at 3 grade he blurted out in mid-day with tears running down his face, that he couldn't keep up with the worksheets...three days prior of corrections, two days prior and one that was 7 days older and the ones he did the day before..(a good 15 staring at him to work on and correct) proud little man he was for 6 months he didn't know what to do or how to do it...he was just doing what was expected like all the other children.

    Now he's a brite young adult of 21 and is teaching himself how to build a fast little mustang car to race down the strip...It's his challenge, accomplishment each step of the way.

    Giving up at any point...isn't in the it's about getting real and can be scary. Feed the fear with faith.

    You're on the right path...the next steps are already set out for up, hang on and hit the gas and let'ter it rip!

    Sending courage to continue~

  2. Glenn, honey, this is what an Editor does. I have numerous friends that write and publish, and often they are in the dedication or thank you's in the front.
    Their talent is seeing past what *we* see and understanding what work needs to be the best it can be. A couple of rewrites are not uncommon, but the ultimate goal is putting out the VERY BEST of YOUR TALENT!
    Hang in there.
    It will be sooooo worth it.
    (and Gary went through this with the first paper he submitted in his Doctoral work~~it was shredded and he was crushed. now he sees corrections as another step closer to the real deal! which it is; for him, for YOU)


  3. Exciting step. Now that you are over the fear of red ink, embrace the process and begin again. Look at the story with new eyes. Fall in love again. Editor has her points, you get final say. Sounds perfect to me.

  4. At this point you have invested so much time and so much of your heart and soul.....your story deserves to be the very BEST that it can be. And I know that's what YOU want! So, sounds like all is well. I can't wait to see it in print with a "thank you" to your editor!!!

  5. Not that long ago you never would have believed this was possible, then you began to dream. The dream started turning into reality. Just keep going Mr Nightwriter, your mountain is waiting.

  6. It's all good, back to total immersion. I don't give up easily, especially when I'm humbled. Breaking things down into doable steps to make it the best I can. Nobody told me how dangerous dreaming could be!

    1. Dangerous perhaps but worth it don't ya think???

  7. Sounds good; i think this is an exciting step too! You will love it even more. Good for you!