Thursday, July 7, 2011


We buy it, we save it, we spend it, we waste it.  We kill it, get lost in it, we pass it, and make the most of it.  We race against it, we step in it, we run out of it, we like being on it and just in it.  We give it and borrow it and take it.  We have the best of it, the worst, the last next and first.  We have it down  and real and bed and private.  We have Miller, rough and tough, dinner and winter and special.  We have drive and no and idle.  We have limited and news, alone and night.  We have family and spring and quiet and day.  We have right and wrong ones and bad, but hopefully not prison.  We get up for it and go for it and ask for it and share it with space.  We have ins and outs and off, bombs and zones, machines, magazines and pieces and delays.  We have tea and tee and capsules and any, some and every.  We need more, but there’s an end of it.  We have Christmas and anxious and summer and lunch.  It goes too fast, too slow and sometimes it stops.  It aint money if it’s all we got.  I seem to have a lot of it on my hands to write this.


  1. Now I have spent time reading this and trying to think of some time you missed. Magic time? Egg timer? You mentioned Miller time, I think that is what time it is now.....