Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Political Football

               Isn’t it a delight to know we can watch freakishly large humans pulverize each other every fall and winter for the next ten years.  The owners and players of the NFL have been having a half billion dollar spat a week for the past eighteen weeks to determine who gets what of their nine billion dollar goose egg.  When they figured out the goose was about to be cooked, they miraculously found a compromise.  Are you ready for some football?
               The idiots in Washington DC have a week to put a band aid on the American economy.  They have been posturing for as long as the NFL parties and have one week left to get their act together or who knows what will happen.  Will some miracle solution will be found just at the last possible moment and both sides will claim victory?  What if they don’t figure it out?  Then what?  One thing is certain, no incumbent is safe on my ballot come election time.  I am sick of the political games of worrying about being re-elected and not voting their conscience or representing their constituents.  It seems to be a game of chicken.  Professional politicians should be outlawed.  This issue should have been resolved months ago, but egos and power mongering delays getting anything done.
               Corporations now own and run this country.  Their sole purpose is to make a profit without regard to the well being of anything else.  Recent history shows that taxing wealthy individuals and corporations produces a robust economy and employment.  Just look at the JFK and Clinton administrations.  George W. cut taxes for the wealthiest and look at what Obama inherited.  I heard that if those tax cuts were repealed and nothing else was done, the deficit would disappear in nine years.  Us pawns on the political chess board are powerless because the Supreme Court allows corporations to buy and sell our so-called representatives.        
                There is an abundance of government waste.  I have read many contract bids and they are so full of minutia, it’s no wonder every thing they buy is over priced.  War and Peace is a short story compared to a document to solicit procuring a simple box.  This is just one example.  They dip into different money pots to make it look like they saved the taxpayer money.  They are as guilty as business in their deceit and greed.  Is there any wonder why the downtrodden tries to play the same game?  I would be the richest man in the world if I had an exclusive on supplying them with red tape.
Unemployment in my county is now 10.1%.  Since I have been virtually unemployed for five years, I don’t even figure into that number.  I’d like to make an honest living doing something worthwhile.  For five freaking years, I have searched and come up empty.  I refuse to place my DNA amongst the dirty money of war machines, insurance swindlers and stock brokers.  This may sound radical, but how about creating real jobs that produce additional taxpayers to solve the debt crisis?  I guess it’s too much to hope for real change. 
Politicians have perfected the art of punting the football back and forth across the aisle, but fumble, drop passes and only know how to run for office.  There is never any scoring and the people are the ones who are relentlessly penalized.  Maybe it’s time to vote for the candidate with the least amount of campaign contributions.  Voting in my state is now all by mail.  When I lose my house, how will they know to deliver my ballot to the storefront that shows the football games on their big screens?


  1. Poly=many
    tics=blood suckers
    Politics=many blood suckers
    a little too true, eh

  2. Yes, Jan, sadly too true. I read a report that campaign contributions for every camp are flowing in at an even faster rate right now to apparently buy votes.

  3. I am sickened by the whole thing.

    Vote them all out - protest votes!

  4. Is this the democracy our military is trying to shove down the rest of the world? No wonder they are either resisting or laughing their sweet cheeks off.