Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Birth Announcement

Yesterday, my book became a reality as it came off the printing press.  The twenty month pregnancy finally ended.  Nearly a pound, the little guy measures nine inches long, six inches wide and is wrapped in a paperback cover.  Tomorrow, the load gets packed in a truck and will make the trip from Minnesota to me.  With an ETA of late next week or early the following one, I can begin to process the orders I already have and share a piece of my soul in each package.  So far they are destined for eight different US states and two other continents!  Of course, more orders are always welcome at my website.

I forecast a busy summer.  My collaborator, Uta Mooney arrives the last day of May for three months and we have already been selected to participate in two local art walks in Mill Creek and Edmonds, WA, as well as one in Portland, OR.  Uta will be exhibiting her Cabin 108  inspired paintings and I hope to sell some books along the way.  We are determined to promote each other successfully and spread the word as far and wide as possible.

Yep, new addition to my family and I'm already looking for other locations for the little guy.  Any word of mouth (positive preferred) would be greatly appreciated.


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