Saturday, April 6, 2013

Anxious To Begin My Next Book

Another whirlwind week blew by as I polished off the dedication, acknowledgement and all the peripheral things that go inside the book.  I also made a final decision for the front cover and it grows on me the more I look at it.  Unveiling may coincide with my official launch and offer to purchase my book, Cabin 108.  The back cover remains the only thing left before printing.  I expect to complete that this coming week

This week, I also set up a business banking account, received my business license and created a PayPal account.  Disappointed to learn that I apparently cannot link a PayPal account here which means I need a hosted website.  Perhaps the Universe intends to take care of that because I have a friend of a friend of a friend who may help me out of this dilemma.

The next fiasco happened when I started looking at my state retail tax collecting responsibilities.  Five years ago, the wisdom of our state legislature passed a regulation that tax should be collected based on the destination of the product, not it's origin.  Every city, county and jurisdiction determine their own tax rates which makes it ludicrous for a small business to calculate accurately when offering product for sale online.  Surely, some companies have developed software to accommodate this atrocity, but I can't afford such luxuries.  Too bad legislators don't live in the real world.  It leads me to ponder how I must report such sales to enable the government to distribute the taxes collected to the appropriate jurisdiction.

In the last year and a half I reinvented myself; I am a writer now who just wants to write.  With little interest in accounting and tax collection regulations, just leave me alone with my pen and paper.  Maybe I always was a writer, but never truly acknowledged it fully before.  Looking back at other things I've done, I see someone who went from dishwasher to restaurant manager, from flunky purchasing clerk to business owner.  Nothing stops me from doing the same in this field.  Maybe this book is my "dishwasher stage" in my writing career.  Maybe it'll surpass everyone's expectations, including my own.  We shall find out reasonably soon.                    


  1. You have always been a writer. The only difference now is, you are calling yourself one.

  2. If you lived in Oregon you wouldn't have to worry about the sales tax. Not yet, anyway. Yes, I believe you have been a writer for long before you admitted it to yourself and others. You sure know how to be thorough. Well done!