Friday, May 27, 2011

The Starting Line

If I fail to say it, it will surely be unheard.  So, I am the newest among a million billion bloggers with hope of a voice.  I titled my blog astute because I am a stute, a nickname that stuck from high school.  It’s short for a long title that I will probably refuse to fully disclose, as if anyone’s interested anyway.  Once in a long spell, I write something unknowingly astute as well.  I like to write and others have encouraged me with praise.  A few of my works have been published and I have even liked a few of them.  I am my own worst critic in every aspect of my life.
One goal I have set for myself on this platform is to avoid all words negative.  I am talking about words like no, not, can’t and all the derivatives.  Just try deleting those words from your vocabulary for a day.  It was a challenge to write the first paragraph.  So the way I figure, if anyone is ever going to read my words, there must be some redeeming reason to come back and check it out again.  I am clueless what I’ll write about or where this will lead, but I intend to make it fun for me and maybe a couple of you.  Talked to an old friend this week and he said I should write a book, a best seller, and it could be Oprah’s next “book of the month”.  Oops, a little late with that brilliant idea.  His intentions were good and compliments like his will always be welcome.  I openly solicit constructive criticism as well. 
So, my mission here is to uplift, entertain, educate and have some fun.  Sometimes, the cherries are missing from the bowl of life.  Certainly, I will speak of life’s challenges and disappointments.  And if anyone reads my future posts, you will bust me on my use of negative words.  But, I will do my best to be me and try to focus on the positive side of things even if they are hard lessons to be learned.  I have been around the block a couple times and believe my experiences might help someone else avoid the craters I fell in along the way.  Or maybe someone else will chuckle at a similar situation that happened to them.  Mostly, I’ll try to humor my readers (maybe that should be singular) and be the human smile virus I was put on Earth to be.  Keep your lip corners up and come back to see what happens next.  I am just as curious as you as to what I’ll actually write about.


  1. I find this to be an admirable first post. I will be watching to see what comes next.

  2. You will soon become lost in a world of zeros and ones that will dance across your keyboard, filling your head with the past, present and future within a vortex that never stops and never starts, but always finds you somewhere. Where will you go? What will you find? And, who will be the one to bring you back? Or, will you forever live in THE BLOGGING ZONE!

    (Cut to the sounds of one hand clapping!)

  3. One step at a time, here I go.